Mortals and College oh my

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Story so far…
This is a quick start of really tiny bits of info that happened last gaming session.

Cast so far:

Katerina- student studying environmental sustainability
Xochilt- Roommate “studying” pathogens
Nameless 1: Crossdressing deaf friend of Xochilt
Alexander “Racist”- Older asian student at school, teacher aid to English teacher
Charles “Arrogant Ass”- Good friend of Alexander, student, teacher aid to proff.
Professor Albert: Grumpy theatre teacher
Annabelle: Snotty theatre student/kiss-up to the Prof.
Rei: Hot half-Asian student
Sebastian- The blond twin, student
Carlisle- The brunette twin, student, teacher aide to proff.
Nameless 2: Nerdy pokemon boy

Trig, English Comp I, Biology, Shakespeare Theatre class
Class Schedule:

Monday- Math, English, Bio
Tuesday, Bio lab, Drama
Wed. Math, English, Bio
Thurs. Drama, English Recitation
Friday- Math Recitation, Drama recitation

Kat game variation- mortals and college

Her family decided she should make the trip to her Cali school herself for independence.

Took left side of room

Met Xochilt who registered for all of her classes

Went exploring of town. Met Alexander and Charles in the grocery store

Explored school and classes, met proff. Albert and Charles encounter.
made a fool of themselves and tried on costumes

Went to room, Xochilt got drunk and passed out. Stayed up all night with her.
Classes started, Alexander is an aid. Had lunch together, Alexander came and sat with them bringing along Seb and Rei.

Nameless 2 debacle (Xochilt set his cards on fire)

Next day, class, found out Proff is the teacher of drama. Gave him payment of top ramen. Charles and Carlisle are both aides.

That evening, Alexander threw rocks at Kat’s window. n. Asked him where the closest arcade is. Got roommate and went to arcade. Xochilt flirty with Alexander and his hummer.

The twins show up. They all watch Kat play. Give her tokens. Text back and forth. Rei shows up, ddr and a couple games then leads her home and warns her that they are all up to something.

Texted from the twins, where are you and come drink with us. Declines.

Morning Xochilt is in her room. Alexander brought her back, Kat writes him a thank you card and gives it to him in class. He smiles and tells her she snores loud and that he filmed it.

They finish their classes and that’s where we left off.

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

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